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My name is Jaclyn Lansbery, and I currently live in Bloomington, Ind.

While I frequently post work from my own job (you can read more about that on my 'professional website' link below, next to Twitter symbol), this blog does not represent the company I work for in any way.

This blog otherwise includes the places I visit on the Internet, the articles I read and recommend, the issues I care about and anything else that catches my interest. Occasionally I will even write personal posts, though I'm not a fan of social-media over-sharing.

Enjoy, and feel free to ask me things without being creepy.
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'All the good editing, fact-checking and plagiarism-detection software in the world is not going to change the fact that anyone is, under the right circumstances, capable of anything and that journalism is essentially built on trust.'

I think Jayson Blair, who responded to my e-mail query, may be on to something.

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