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2014 Festival de Cannes

Jane Campion - the only female director to have won the Palme d’or for The Piano (1993) - will preside over the Jury of the 67th Festival de Cannes

Abbas Kiarostami is to preside over the Cinéfondation and Short Films Jury, and Pablo Trapero over the Jury for Un Certain Regard. 

The Official Selection announced today, include new work from David CronenbergJean-Luc GodardOlivier AssayasAtom Egoyan, and Wim Wenders. Also In Competition are Ryan Goslin’s directorial debut Lost Riverstarring Christina Hendricks and Eva Mendes, and The Homesman, an offbeat western by Tommy Lee Jones starring Hillary Swank and Meryl Streep. 

Films of female directors include: Asia Argento’s Incompresa, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg; Alice Rohrwacher’s Le Meraviglie, starring Monica Bellucci; Naomi Kawase's Futatsume no Mado, starring Hideo Sakaki; and July Jung’s A Girl at My Door, starring Doona Bae.

And finally, Wim Wenders will present a restoration of his Palme d’Or winner, Paris, Texas, in celebration of its 30th anniversary.

The full lineup for the 67th Cannes here

"Jack Johnson — if you’re not up on your boxing facts or your knowledge of the world’s great badasses — held the heavyweight title from 1908-1915, when boxing was an enormously popular sport. Johnson, the son of former slaves living at the height (or rather, the nadir) of Jim Crow, first fought in battles royal — where groups of black men fought for white entertainment. He moved into the pros, beating the top black boxers and then destroying the white competition.

Instead of trying to pander to those who despised him, Johnson flipped the world a middle finger. Matejka, who spent years researching Johnson’s life before writing poems in his voice, says Johnson kept his head shaved and sported gold teeth to augment white America’s fear of him. He dated and married white women, and flaunted his money. In one of Matejka’s poems, Johnson courts a girlfriend by saying “We can bathe // in champagne, dry / ourselves with hundred- / dollar bills like those // Rockefellers do.”

In the ring, Johnson was a master of defense, with a powerful knockout punch and an unprecedented talent for talking trash.

Matejka imagines Johnson’s logic: “You’re not going to let me eat in your restaurant? That’s OK, I’m going to marry someone white. You’re not going to let me stay in your hotel? That’s OK, I have a white chauffeur.”

But there were limits to how much Johnson could push back. He’d dropped out of school when he was young, and he made up for it once his career took off. He read Shakespeare; he loved opera; he played classical viol. But while some newspapers , others would state as fact that he was “.” In Big Smoke, Matejka puts it like this:

You can change clothes
five times a day while
speaking Italian & playing
the viol in that fancy
classical way, but you
can’t change your skin.”

— From NPR’s coverage of Adrian Matejka’s third poetry collection “The Big Smoke,” which was shortlisted for the 2013 National Book Award, won the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, was a finalist for the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in poetry and led to Matejka recently being named a 2014 Guggenheim Fellow.

Matejka also teaches one of the 10 coolest music-related college classes you can take right now — otherwise known as the “Poetics of Rap,” offered in IU’s English Department.

Need anymore of a reason to read Matejka’s book? I don’t.


17 countries that have beat America to electing a female leader

The U.S may have grown accustomed to having predominately male leaders, but on an international scale, we’re not like many of our peers. Though women make up approximately half of the U.S.’s population, they hold fewer than 20% of legislative seats. And out of 44 presidents, not one has been female.

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Moving to Chile. Bye.

I care. I care a lot. It’s kinda my thing.
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ransom and i got married several months ago in an intimate ceremony, but recently had a larger reception for more family and friends, and it was a blast! as we’re both writers, it seemed fitting to have the event at one of our favorite bookstores: the last bookstore in downtown LA. we’ve had a lot of requests for photos, so i thought i’d drop a few here. [] hugs and books!” — taherehmafi

My new favorite couple.

Hey yo, college town.

Hey yo, college town.

At least I stayed long enough to see Meryl Streep officially become a doctor. #mediaswag